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Rainforest tropical plant database, medicinal, plant database, amazon plant database, rainforest database, rain forest,

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The World Health Organization estimates that up to 80 percent of the world's population still relies mainly on herbal medicine for primary health care - especially in developing nations and rainforest countries. People in tropical forests around the world have utilized the plants growing in their backyards as part of their primary health care systems for millennia. In fact, archaeologists have discovered the remains of plants used as medicine at archaeological dig sites in Latin and South America dating back to 8000 B.C. In the northwestern Amazon alone, at least 1,300 plant species are used to create drogas do certão or "wilderness drugs" for the primary health care needs in the region today - many of which have never been subjected to any type of scientific research yet.

Traditional uses of medicinal plants can be very important, especially to researchers and drug companies. If a plant has been used in a specific way for a specific purpose for many years and in many different geographical areas, there is probably a reason for it. It is this rapidly growing industry (called ethnobotany) that helps scientists target which plants to research first and what to study them for. Indigenous people originally discovered the medicinal uses of three-quarters of the plant-derived drugs in use today.

Let's face it, pharmaceutical drugs aren't getting any cheaper and most are out of the financial reach of a peasant or farmer in the Amazon who earns the equivalent of $50 U.S. monthly to support a family of seven. That doesn't mean he and his family can't afford to be sick, or aren't faced with many of the same illnesses and maladies as people in developed nations. What it does mean is that plant-based medicines are often the most accessible and appropriate therapy for a wide diversity of health problems experienced by rural and rainforest inhabitants. Oftentimes, this population cultivate and transplant wild medicinal plants in and around their homes and villages that are employed to treat common fevers, fungal infections, respiratory problems, pain, gastrointestinal problems and even antidotes for poisonous snake bites, among many others health problems they are faced with. But it also doesn't mean that many wouldn't rather have a convenient aspirin or two to take for a simple headache occasionally instead of going through the time consuming steps of harvesting some leaves, bark or roots out of the forest and boiling it into a headache tea remedy. The sad fact is that even aspirin can be unavailable or too expensive for some forest dwellers.

This guide serves as a quick reference for matching a disorder or condition to the plants that have been used in tropics, developing nations, and in the rainforests to treat it. Diseases commonly found in developing nations lacking adequate immunization programs and other specific tropical diseases are found in the following list for this reason as well. This information has been provided as a summary of historical medicinal uses for the plants by disease and condition. It is NOT any medical claim that the plants have been scientifically or clinically proven to cure or effectively treat these listed diseases or conditions in any way. This information was compiled, cataloged and condensed from more than 500 published sources of documentation referenced in the Notes section of this book. It is for informational purposes and to provide a beginning point to categorize and cross-reference the extensive information provided in section 3. It also shouldn't suggest that these plants are more effective or suitable to treat these conditions than other westernized drugs or products which might be available here in the U.S. but not available in the countries where these plants grow and where their history of medicinal use has been recorded. Sometimes it really is just easier and better to take an aspirin to relieve the occasional headache (if you have access to it and can afford it). Just because traditional herbal medicine and herbal remedies are often used in the Amazon and other remote areas to replace conventional medicine and drugs due to socioeconomic factors or simple unavailability, it is not advisable to use them here to replace or avoid proper medical care and drugs that could be beneficial. Again, conventional medicine and traditional medicine systems should ideally play complementary roles in health care. . . one should not substitute the other.

If you are looking for natural remedies for a serious medical disease or condition, please, always seek the advice and help of qualified professionals. There are many health professionals available these days with practical medical training as well as education and experience with medicinal plants, supplements, nutrition and dietary recommendations. Find one. Books like this one, as well as the internet, are good places to begin your research - especially when looking up and verifying both conventional and complementary products, therapies, treatments and drugs. However, don't start and end there. Get qualified help and advice from experienced health professionals that can combine the best products and therapies into an effective and comprehensive treatment program which combines the best of both health systems and practices to help you. Please always remember too, many medicinal plants (including those featured in this book) have active biological properties and active chemicals which should be treated with care, respect and knowledge. Some are not without side effects and most have little data on them about their suitability and contraindications in combination with the many pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly and routinely prescribed here in the U.S.

Abdominal Pain
jurubeba, carqueja, artichoke, erva tostão, kalanchoe, epazote, clavillia, abuta, bitter melon, fedegoso, chuchuhuasi

guaco, erva tostão, fedegoso, picão preto, sarsaparilla, epazote, graviola, cat's claw, samambaia, aveloz (topical), clavillia, balsam, jurubeba

sangre de grado, andiroba, scarlet bush, mutamba, juazeiro, copaiba, fedegoso, balsam, kalanchoe (also see Wounds)

Acid Reflux (see Heartburn)

abuta, sarsaparilla, bitter melon, espinheira santa, damiana, fedegoso, tayuya. chuchuhuasi, artichoke, andiroba (external), clavillia, cat's claw

Adrenal Gland Disorders
chuchuhuasi, tayuya, erva tostão, espinheira santa, maca, catuaba, suma, muira puama, cat's claw, artichoke, passionflower

Aging (anti)
samambaia, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, suma, yerba mate, andiroba (topical), annatto

jergon sacha, mullaca, bitter melon, carqueja, amargo, chanca piedra, macela, clavillia, vassourinha, chá de bugre, catuaba, simarouba, cat's claw, pau d'arco

amor seco, nettle, kalanchoe, gervâo, guaco, carqueja, jatoba, pau d'arco, picão preto, yerba mate, bitter melon, cat's claw, samambaia

Alopecia (Hair Loss)
nettle, mutamba, avenca, gervâo, catuaba, sarsaparilla, muira puama, chuchuhuasi, picão preto, guaraná (topical), quinine, jaborandi (topical), juazeiro (topical)

Amebic Infections
simarouba, amargo, epazote, erva tostão, guava, graviola, quinine, bitter melon, carqueja, gervâo

Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)
damiana, sarsaparilla, suma, espinheira santa, Brazilian peppertree, avenca, chuchuhuasi, vassourinha, macela, gervâo, epazote, maca, jergon sacha, tayuya, balsam, cat's claw

mullaca, vassourinha, simarouba, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, suma, graviola, cat's claw

Alzheimer's Disease
samambaia, cat's claw, velvet bean, catuaba, sarsaparilla, guaraná, damiana, mulungu, simarouba, suma, yerba mate, anamu

Anal Warts
sangre de grado, vassourinha, bitter melon, clavillia, pau d'arco, macela, Brazilian peppertree, jergon sacha

carqueja, jurubeba, amargo, chanca piedra, camu camu, maca, erva tostão, vassourinha, fedegoso, acerola, artichoke, suma, nettle, espinheira santa, simarouba, pau d'arco, quinine

mulungu, abuta, Brazilian peppertree, embauba, picão preto, epazote, carqueja, cat's claw

amargo, samambaia, jatoba, jurubeba, boldo, damiana, sarsaparilla, clavo huasca, quinine, carqueja, simarouba, passionflower, yerba mate

mulungu, passionflower, tayuya, manacá, damiana, catuaba, damiana, graviola, guava, muira puama, velvet bean, suma, anamu, curare

Brazilian peppertree, quinine, guava, mulungu, abuta

Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis
macela, cat's claw, artichoke, yerba mate, acerola, guaco, guaraná, camu camu, bitter melon, suma, vassourinha, sarsaparilla

amor seco, cat's claw, guaco, iporuru, tayuya, picão preto, chuchuhuasi, nettle, mulungu, scarlet bush, gervâo, kalanchoe, samambaia, anamu, manacá, pau d'arco, mullaca, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, graviola, cipó cabeludo, suma, copaiba (topical), andiroba (topical)

Arthritis, rheumatoid See Autoimmune Disorders

amor seco, embauba, avenca, guaco, mutamba, samambaia, jatoba, mullaca, gervâo, abuta, macela, nettle, kalanchoe, chuchuhuasi, mulungu, bitter melon, espinheira santa, epazote, fedegoso, anamu, balsam, damiana

Athlete's Foot
jatoba, sangre de grado, copaiba, pau d'arco, Brazilian peppertree, fedegoso, anamu, mulateiro, scarlet bush, juazeiro

Autoimmune Disorders
mullaca, anamu, macela, fedegoso, cat's claw, samambaia, clavillia, Brazilian peppertree, erva tostão, picão preto, pau d'arco, velvet bean, nettle, suma, sarsaparilla

Back Injuries/Pain
tayuya, iporuru, cat's claw, guaco, amor seco, mulungu, manacá, picão preto, vassourinha, scarlet bush, gervâo, chuchuhuasi, sarsaparilla, cipó cabeludo, pau d'arco, copaiba (topical), kalanchoe (topical), andiroba (topical),

Bacterial Infections (general)
picão preto, mullaca, anamu, mutamba, embauba, Brazilian peppertree, guava, fedegoso, picão preto, sangre de grado, sarsaparilla, kalanchoe, macela, graviola, erva tostão, annatto, avenca, simarouba, vassourinha, guaco, bitter melon, cashew, clavillia, copaiba, juazeiro, mulateiro, scarlet bush, pau d'arco, chanca piedra, guacatonga, stevia, balsam

sangre de grado, copaiba, gervâo, anamu, annatto, scarlet bush

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
nettle, mutamba, jatoba, vassourinha, cipó cabeludo, graviola, damiana, chanca piedra, pau d'arco

Bladder Disorders
jatoba, pau d'arco, abuta, anamu, chanca piedra, cipó cabeludo, erva tostão, fedegoso, annatto, clavillia, Brazilian peppertree, amor seco

picão preto, erva tostão, jatoba, amor seco, chanca piedra, mutamba, embauba, vassourinha, amargo, cipó cabeludo, Brazilian peppertree, manacá, abuta, tayuya

jurubeba, amargo, artichoke, simarouba, boldo, carqueja, bitter melon, gervâo, epazote, quinine, clavo huasca

anamu, guaco, mullaca, clavillia, mutamba, copaiba (topical), picão preto, fedegoso, mulateiro, pau d'arco, annatto (topical), scarlet bush, (topical)

Bowel Disorders
cat's claw, boldo, macela, jurubeba, sangre de grado, simarouba, tayuya, anamu, mutamba, artichoke, bitter melon, carqueja, gervâo, guaco, cipó cabeludo, clavillia, epazote, annatto

Breathing Problems
embauba, amor seco, avenca, samambaia, guaco, mullaca, mutamba, guava, nettle, picão preto, gervâo, macela, jatoba, pau d'arco, abuta

picão preto, embauba, guaco, samambaia, amor seco, avenca, jergon sacha, bitter melon, simarouba, gervâo, fedegoso, anamu, jatoba, mullaca, mutamba Brazilian peppertree, macela, abuta, clavillia, epazote, juazeiro

scarlet bush, kalanchoe, sangre de grado, andiroba, mulateiro, juazeiro, sarsaparilla, nettle, mutamba, annatto

cat's claw, iporuru, chuchuhuasi, amor seco, tayuya, picão preto, guaco, gervâo, nettle, sarsaparilla

graviola, espinheira santa, mullaca, mutamba, vassourinha, bitter melon, guacatonga, simarouba, cat's claw, anamu, pau d'arco, fedegoso, sangre de grado, suma, amargo, copaiba

Candida (yeast infections)
jatoba, pau d'arco, clavillia, anamu, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, graviola, sangre de grado, andiroba (topical), copaiba (topical), mulateiro (topical), guaco, guava

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
manacá, mulungu, iporuru, tayuya, amor seco, pau d'arco, kalanchoe

Cartilage Disorders
tayuya, cat's claw, iporuru, maca, acerola, camu camu

bitter melon, jaborandi, annatto, erva tostão, fedegoso, gervâo, Brazilian peppertree, acerola, camu camu, cat's claw

amor seco, jatoba, avenca, mutamba, balsam, nettle, guaco, cipó cabeludo, graviola, erva tostão, picão preto, chanca piedra

Cavities, Dental
stevia, juazeiro, anamu, cashew

Celiac Disease
cat's claw, macela, anamu, boldo, sangre de grado, jurubeba, simarouba, tayuya, gervâo

andiroba (topical), chá de bugre

anamu, fedegoso, bitter melon, mullaca, clavillia, scarlet bush, sarsaparilla, Brazilian peppertree, picão preto, gervâo, simarouba, amor seco, cat's claw

Central Nervous System Disorders
manacá, kalanchoe, passionflower, mulungu, damiana, muira puama, guava, guaraná, catuaba, yerba mate, velvet bean, vassourinha

Cervical Dysplasia
abuta, graviola, andiroba, cat's claw, anamu, fedegoso, erva tostão, bitter melon, clavillia, macela, jergon sacha, gervâo, chuchuhuasi, mullaca

Chagas Disease
epazote, guaco, mullaca, macela, anamu, pau d'arco, clavillia, embauba, copaiba, carqueja, andiroba

mullaca, bitter melon, vassourinha, jergon sacha, macela, clavillia, chanca piedra, cat's claw, sangre de grado (topical), copaiba (topical)

abuta, anamu, avenca, bitter melon, embauba, scarlet bush, vassourinha, mutamba, sangre de grado, picão preto, gervâo

Cholecystitis see Gallbladder and Bile Duct Diseases

Cholelithiasis see Gallstones

Cholesterol, Triglycerides: Elevated
artichoke, bitter melon, boldo, velvet bean, chanca piedra, guava, carqueja, yerba mate, suma, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, maca, cat's claw, annatto, acerola, andiroba

mutamba, guava, anamu, guaco, erva tostão, sangre de grado

guava, embauba, epazote

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
cat's claw, mullaca, anamu, fedegoso, jergon sacha, chuchuhuasi, maca, pau d'arco, catuaba, clavillia, sarsaparilla, jatoba, guaraná, yerba mate, suma, macela, muira puama, mutamba, gervâo, erva tostão

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
embauba, abuta, amor seco, avenca, jatoba, samambaia, cat's claw, macela, epazote, gervâo, guaco, mullaca, mutamba

erva tostão, chanca piedra, carqueja, boldo, picão preto, artichoke, guaco, fedegoso, gervâo

Cold Sores See Herpes simplex

Colds & Flu
picão preto, fedegoso, mullaca, amor seco, mutamba, Brazilian peppertree, bitter melon, clavillia, gervâo, guava, simarouba, guaco, macela, jergon sacha, kalanchoe, anamu, avenca, pau d'arco, samambaia, balsam, acerola, camu camu, cat's claw

guava, jurubeba, amor seco, passionflower, boldo, cashew, damiana

cat's claw, boldo, simarouba, macela, picão preto, anamu, gervâo, tayuya, sangre de grado, cipó cabeludo, clavillia, jurubeba, amor seco

Colon Polyps
graviola, mutamba, sangre de grado, cat's claw, bitter melon, mullaca, vassourinha

annatto (topical), picão preto, guava, vassourinha, Brazilian peppertree, epazote, sarsaparilla, fedegoso, clavillia, abuta

jatoba, annatto, fedegoso, artichoke, graviola, boldo, clavillia, epazote

erva tostão, amor seco, abuta, mulungu, nettle, graviola, manacá, annatto, tayuya, anamu, guava, kalanchoe, macela, passionflower

guaco, embauba, amor seco, passionflower, guava, samambaia, avenca, mutamba, balsam, jatoba, picão preto, gervâo, jergon sacha, vassourinha, epazote, juazeiro, kalanchoe, macela, velvet bean

Crohn's Disease
cat's claw, sangre de grado, macela, boldo, mullaca, fedegoso, carqueja, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, gervâo, guaco, cipó cabeludo, simarouba, tayuya, abuta, artichoke

avenca, embauba, jergon sacha, mutamba, guaco, balsam, epazote, guava, gervâo, samambaia

Cuts & Wounds
sangre de grado, scarlet bush, cat's claw, nettle, andiroba, juazeiro, copaiba, balsam, Brazilian peppertree, espinheira santa, sarsaparilla, guacatonga, guaco, picão preto

Cystic Fibrosis
amor seco, samambaia, nettle, embauba, gervâo, picão preto, abuta, erva tostão, amargo

Cystitis See Interstitial Cystitis

copaiba, juazeiro, avenca, nettle, quinine, guaraná, balsam, brazil nut, artichoke

Degenerative Nerve Diseases
sangre de grado, samambaia, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, guaraná, velvet bean, passionflower, mulungu, tayuya, manacá, pau d'arco, yerba mate, picão preto,

Dementia see Memory Disorders

Dengue Fever
simarouba, amargo, jergon sacha, mullaca, anamu, chanca piedra, bitter melon manacá, kalanchoe, guaco, scarlet bush, juazeiro, vassourinha

mulungu, tayuya, passionflower, muira puama, damiana, graviola, cat's claw, Brazilian peppertree, yerba mate

Internal: samambaia, pau d'arco, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, boldo, fedegoso, tayuya, suma External: andiroba, copaiba, scarlet bush, sangre de grado, juazeiro, mutamba, guacatonga, mulateiro, balsam, annatto

pata de vaca, pedra hume caá, bitter melon, chanca piedra, stevia, annatto, chuchuhuasi, embauba, guava, macela, mullaca, mutamba, vassourinha, carqueja, anamu

Diabetic Kidney Problems
chanca piedra, erva tostão, sarsaparilla, also see Kidney Diseases (General)

Diabetic Macular Degeneration
chanca piedra, pedra hume caá, chuchuhuasi, annatto

Diabetic Neuropathy
sangre de grado, chanca piedra, pedra hume caá, chuchuhuasi, tayuya, annatto

Diaper Rash
andiroba, scarlet bush, copaiba, guava

sangre de grado, amargo, simarouba, guava, bitter melon, Brazilian peppertree, carqueja, cashew, fedegoso, epazote, anamu

Digestive Disorders
artichoke, carqueja, jurubeba, espinheira santa, boldo, erva tostão, guacatonga, sangre de grado, amargo, quinine, cipó cabeludo, simarouba, annatto, bitter melon, cat's claw, gervâo, amor seco, picão preto

mutamba, embauba, picão preto, mullaca, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, fedegoso, macela, avenca, guava, annatto, kalanchoe, erva tostão, simarouba, vassourinha, guaco, cashew, copaiba, jaborandi

cat's claw, boldo, abuta, sangre de grado, jurubeba, macela, tayuya, passionflower, gervâo, anamu

Dry Eye Syndrome

simarouba, amargo, guava, sangre de grado, epazote, erva tostão, Brazilian peppertree, cashew, mutamba, anamu, clavillia, fedegoso, gervâo

Dysmenorrhagia (painful menstruation)
abuta, erva tostão, vassourinha, amor seco, tayuya, iporuru, manacá, chuchuhuasi, passionflower, scarlet bush

Dyspepsia See Indigestion

E. coli Infections
anamu, guava, macela, bitter melon, mutamba, embauba, sangre de grado, jatoba, catuaba, kalanchoe, annatto

Ear Infections /Earaches
annatto (topical), gervâo, (topical), clavillia, fedegoso, vassourinha, mullaca, guava (topical), boldo, kalanchoe (topical), picão preto, cashew

Eating Disorders
amargo, quinine, guava, sarsaparilla, damiana, simarouba, boldo, carqueja, jurubeba, artichoke

sarsaparilla, andiroba, tayuya, samambaia, bitter melon, sangre de grado, copaiba, balsam, nettles, clavillia, cashew, guacatonga (topical), gervâo, guaco, vassourinha, pau d'arco, cat's claw, boldo, suma, fedegoso

chanca piedra, annatto, kalanchoe, chá de bugre, erva tostão, nettle, amor seco, anamu, guacatonga, Brazilian peppertree, jaborandi, curare, picão preto, jurubeba, carqueja

mutamba, pata de vaca, sarsaparilla, nettles, samambaia

jatoba, macela, anamu, embauba, manacá, samambaia, avenca, amor seco, epazote, gervâo, guaco, mullaca, mutamba

simarouba, amargo, jergon sacha, mullaca, anamu, chanca piedra, bitter melon manacá, kalanchoe, guaco, scarlet bush, juazeiro, vassourinha

Endocrine Disorders
maca, sarsaparilla, abuta, chuchuhuasi, damiana, suma, muira puama, catuaba, nettle

abuta, graviola, tayuya, iporuru, gervâo, chuchuhuasi, erva tostão, cat's claw

Enteritis see Gastritis/Gastroenteritis

mulungu, manacá, amor seco, passionflower, catuaba, muira puama, graviola, tayuya

Epstein-Barr Virus
bitter melon, tayuya, cat's claw, suma, Brazilian peppertree, mullaca, jergon sacha, macela, chanca piedra, vassourinha, clavillia

Erectile Dysfunction see Impotency

vassourinha, gervâo, mutamba, jurubeba, fedegoso, scarlet bush, Brazilian peppertree, annatto, copaiba, fedegoso, anamu, erva tostão, kalanchoe, abuta, nettle

Eye Diseases
annatto, cashew, guava, jaborandi

jatoba, maca, guaraná, chuchuhuasi, yerba mate, suma, catuaba, muira puama, sarsaparilla

Fatty Liver
chanca piedra, artichoke, boldo, erva tostão, fedegoso, carqueja, picão preto, gervâo

juazeiro, scarlet bush, manacá, vassourinha, kalanchoe, velvet bean, nettle, boldo, quinine, amargo, curare, guaco, mutamba, simarouba

Fibroids see Uterine Fibroids

mullaca, anamu, macela, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, manacá, chuchuhuasi, fedegoso, gervâo, tayuya, iporuru, muira puama, mulungu, amor seco, passionflower

guaco, erva tostão, fedegoso, picão preto, anamu, epazote, graviola, samambaia, clavillia

jurubeba, epazote, bitter melon, carqueja, espinheira santa, copaiba, boldo, chanca piedra, kalanchoe, macela, artichoke

embauba, nettle, epazote, sangre de grado, clavillia, Brazilian peppertree, scarlet bush, kalanchoe

Fungal Infections
jatoba, pau d'arco, anamu, fedegoso, picão preto, copaiba, sangre de grado, mulateiro, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, graviola, guava, kalanchoe, scarlet bush, picão preto, embauba, guacatonga, vassourinha

Gallbladder and Bile Duct Diseases
artichoke, boldo, chanca piedra, erva tostão, amargo, carqueja, jurubeba, macela, abuta, avenca, balsam, bitter melon, fedegoso, gervâo

chanca piedra, boldo, carqueja, avenca, amargo, artichoke, cipó cabeludo, jurubeba, macela, erva tostão

Gastritis & Gastroenteritis
jurubeba, carqueja, espinheira santa, guava, macela, boldo, epazote, picão preto, gervâo, guaco, sangre de grado, cat's claw, simarouba, amargo, pedra hume caá, tayuya, sarsaparilla

Gastrointestinal Bleeding
sangre de grado, Brazilian peppertree, abuta, carqueja, erva tostão, picão preto, cashew, mutamba, simarouba

Genital Warts see Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Giardia Infections
guava, simarouba, anamu, mutamba


mutamba, pau d'arco, picão preto, annatto, bitter melon, boldo, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, embauba, chanca piedra, erva tostão, cat's claw, copaiba, curare, jaborandi

chanca piedra, carqueja, cipó cabeludo, tayuya, boldo, artichoke, epazote, manacá, guaco, sarsaparilla, jergon sacha, velvet bean, bitter melon, picão preto, yerba mate, chuchuhuasi, Brazilian peppertree, balsam

Gum Diseases
Brazilian peppertree, anamu, mulungu, macela, guava, samambaia, cat's claw, fedegoso, pau d'arco, gervâo, juazeiro, clavillia

Hair Loss see Alopecia


Hay Fever see Allergies

Head Lice
amargo, andiroba, balsam, fedegoso, graviola (seeds), nettle

iporuru, tayuya, manacá, vassourinha, mulungu, pau d'arco, amor seco, scarlet bush, passionflower, kalanchoe, guaco, gervâo, guaraná, muira puama, chuchuhuasi, damiana, abuta, cat's claw

Heart Diseases (General)
abuta, avenca, Brazilian peppertree, embauba, chá de bugre, cat's claw, guaraná, graviola, guava, mulungu, gervâo, artichoke, jurubeba, yerba mate, suma, vassourinha, sarsaparilla, chanca piedra, picão preto, stevia, quinine, boldo, bitter melon, samambaia, erva tostão

Heart Palpitations
mulungu, Brazilian peppertree, quinine, abuta, guava

Heart Valve Diseases
mullaca, Brazilian peppertree, anamu, clavillia, macela, fedegoso, tayuya, iporuru

carqueja, espinheira santa, guacatonga, boldo, epazote, guaco, gervâo, picão preto, annatto, jergon sacha

Heat Stroke
scarlet bush, guaraná, manacá, kalanchoe, mulateiro, mutamba

Helicobacter pylori Stomach Ulcers
carqueja, pau d'arco, cashew, bitter melon (fruit), balsam, copaiba, guacatonga

damiana, mulungu, manacá

abuta, sangre de grado, Brazilian peppertree, erva tostão, mutamba, picão preto, annatto, pedra hume caá, scarlet bush, simarouba, kalanchoe, juazeiro,

Hemorrhagic Fevers
embauba, guava, epazote, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, mutamba, erva tostão, scarlet bush

sangre de grado, Brazilian peppertree, copaiba, vassourinha, epazote, erva tostão, passionflower, picão preto, chuchuhuasi, artichoke, quinine, yerba mate, nettle

chanca piedra, jergon sacha, mullaca, anamu, macela, sangre de grado, clavillia, fedegoso, bitter melon, vassourinha, mutamba, erva tostão, gervâo, carqueja, picão preto, mulungu

jergon sacha, mulungu, fedegoso, pau d'arco, tayuya, iporuru

Herniated Disk
iporuru, tayuya, chuchuhuasi, amor seco, gervâo, guaco, picão preto, kalanchoe, sarsaparilla

Herpes Simplex (I & II)
jergon sacha, sangre de grado, mullaca, vassourinha, mutamba, simarouba, bitter melon, clavillia, pau d'arco, chá de bugre, macela, carqueja, chanca piedra, guacatonga, embauba, andiroba

Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
cat's claw, jergon sacha, mullaca, sangre de grado, pau d'arco, bitter melon, vassourinha, gervâo, clavillia, macela, passionflower

Hiatal Hernia
carqueja, guaco, guacatonga, espinheira santa, sangre de grado, tayuya, gervâo, picão preto, boldo, jergon sacha, epazote, annatto

High Blood Pressure
abuta, graviola, chanca piedra, picão preto, erva tostão, Brazilian peppertree, embauba, stevia, mulungu, mutamba, fedegoso, guava, carqueja, passionflower, vassourinha, jurubeba, nettle


nettle, kalanchoe, guaco, amor seco, pau d'arco, gervâo, picão preto, carqueja, sangre de grado (topical), andiroba (topical) (also see Allergies)

Hodgkin's Disease
bitter melon, graviola, pau d'arco, mullaca, vassourinha, anamu, mutamba, cat's claw, espinheira santa, simarouba, suma

Hot Flashes
manacá, scarlet bush, vassourinha, kalanchoe

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
andiroba, bitter melon, sangre de grado, jergon sacha, copaiba, vassourinha, clavillia, cat's claw, macela, mullaca, chanca piedra

Huntington's Disease
velvet bean, guava, embauba, epazote, mulungu, manacá, samambaia, cat's claw

Hypertension see High Blood Pressure

Immune System Disorders
cat's claw, anamu, mullaca, fedegoso, samambaia, macela, suma, chuchuhuasi, sarsaparilla, bitter melon, acerola, camu camu, erva tostão

sangre de grado, pau d'arco, anamu, mullaca, embauba, clavillia, fedegoso, copaiba (topical), andiroba (topical), annatto (topical), kalanchoe (topical)

muira puama, velvet bean, catuaba, damiana, nettle, sarsaparilla, iporuru, suma, maca, macela, amor seco, mutamba, cashew

jurubeba, artichoke, amargo, espinheira santa, carqueja, boldo, damiana, gervâo, picão preto, guacatonga, bitter melon, passionflower, guaco, quinine, simarouba

Infectious Mononucleosis
picão preto, fedegoso, mullaca, Brazilian peppertree, mutamba, guaco, bitter melon, cat's claw, clavillia, anamu, jergon sacha, suma, macela

Infertility, Female
maca, abuta, suma, chuchuhuasi, iporuru

Infertility, Male
maca, velvet bean, catuaba, chuchuhuasi, muira puama, sarsaparilla

Inflammatory Conditions
iporuru, guaco, amor seco, tayuya, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, guaco, copaiba, embauba, manacá, mulungu, erva tostão, scarlet bush, picão preto, samambaia, abuta, kalanchoe, gervâo, nettle, passionflower, pau d'arco, guacatonga, juazeiro, anamu, andiroba, boldo, carqueja, cashew, fedegoso, jurubeba, macela, sangre de grado, sarsaparilla, suma, vassourinha, velvet bean

Influenza See Colds & Flu

Insect Bites and Stings
sangre de grado, guacatonga, guaco, scarlet bush, copaiba, kalanchoe, jergon sacha, embauba, vassourinha, amargo, mulateiro, picão preto, gervâo, abuta,

Insect Repellant
andiroba, amargo, mulateiro, clavillia, simarouba, annatto, fedegoso, guaco, Brazilian peppertree, quinine, cashew, aveloz

manacá, mulungu, passionflower, catuaba, boldo, graviola, kalanchoe

Interstitial Cystitis
jatoba, copaiba, boldo, cipó cabeludo, pau d'arco, erva tostão, annatto, anamu, chanca piedra, Brazilian peppertree, abuta, samambaia, picão preto, sarsaparilla, pata de vaca, jurubeba, artichoke, mulungu, nettle

Intestinal Parasites
amargo, simarouba, epazote, boldo, fedegoso, carqueja, quinine, andiroba, balsam, graviola, bitter melon, gervâo, erva tostão

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
cat's claw, macela, sangre de grado, boldo, artichoke, jurubeba, simarouba, tayuya, anamu, abuta, fedegoso, gervâo, guaco, mullaca

andiroba, sangre de grado, nettle, kalanchoe, scarlet bush, artichoke, guaco, chanca piedra, guava, fedegoso, picão preto, gervâo, balsam, bitter melon, vassourinha, pau d'arco

chanca piedra, artichoke, erva tostão, boldo, fedegoso, carqueja, picão preto, avenca, abuta, vassourinha, scarlet bush, bitter melon, annatto, jurubeba, guava, curare

Jock Itch See Fungal Infections

Kidney Disorders (General)
chanca piedra, erva tostão, cipó cabeludo, vassourinha, mutamba, amor seco, nettle, amargo, jatoba, picão preto, samambaia, copaiba, abuta, carqueja, anamu, mullaca, sarsaparilla, damiana, cat's claw, annatto, fedegoso, gervâo, pata de vaca, curare

Kidney Failure & Dialysis
erva tostão, chanca piedra, samambaia, sarsaparilla, cat's claw

Kidney Stones
chanca piedra, amargo, abuta, boldo, kalanchoe, bitter melon, curare, avenca, cipó cabeludo, erva tostão, gervâo, pata de vaca

guaco, sangre de grado, picão preto, avenca, guava, jatoba, amor seco, cat's claw, macela, balsam, epazote, jaborandi

mullaca, picão preto, vassourinha, simarouba, cipó cabeludo, anamu, suma, pau d'arco, cat's claw, bitter melon, espinheira santa, amargo, graviola

sarsaparilla, mutamba, guacatonga, bitter melon, fedegoso, vassourinha, andiroba, clavillia, tayuya, nettle, pata de vaca

cashew, pau d'arco, chuchuhuasi, graviola, sarsaparilla, copaiba, kalanchoe

Lice See Head Lice

espinheira santa, artichoke, embauba, andiroba (topical), sangre de grado (topical), vassourinha, erva tostão, picão preto, fedegoso mullaca, cat's claw

Listeria Infections
anamu, pau d'arco, mullaca

Liver Disorders (General)
erva tostão, picão preto, carqueja, fedegoso, boldo, chanca piedra, gervâo, artichoke, amargo, macela, jurubeba, mulungu, guaco, annatto, avenca, epazote

Lupus see Autoimmune Disorders

Lymphatic Diseases
manacá, sarsaparilla, kalanchoe, jergon sacha, cat's claw, suma, gervâo, guaco, espinheira santa, graviola

Macular Degeneration see Diabetic Macular Degeneration

quinine, simarouba, amargo, vassourinha, epazote, fedegoso, graviola, guava, pau d'arco, picão preto, andiroba, chanca piedra, abuta, erva tostão

mullaca, amargo, sarsaparilla, clavillia, jergon sacha, macela, epazote, vassourinha, chanca piedra, sangre de grado (topical)

Memory Disorders
samambaia, catuaba, sarsaparilla, guaraná, suma, anamu, velvet bean, cat's claw, maca, muira puama, damiana, epazote

Men's Health (General)
muira puama, sarsaparilla, catuaba, chuchuhuasi, mutamba, suma, cipó cabeludo, velvet bean, cat's claw

abuta, espinheira santa, damiana, suma, sarsaparilla, chuchuhuasi, kalanchoe, mulungu, avenca, bitter melon, clavo huasca, maca, passionflower

Menorrhagia (excessive menstruation)
abuta, Brazilian peppertree, erva tostão, vassourinha, sarsaparilla, nettle, velvet bean, chanca piedra

Menstrual Cramps
abuta, manacá, amor seco, mulungu, iporuru, tayuya, passionflower, vassourinha, kalanchoe, scarlet bush

Metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods)
abuta, damiana, nettles, sarsaparilla, espinheira santa, suma, vassourinha, maca

manacá, iporuru, passionflower, tayuya, pau d'arco, mulungu, guaraná, scarlet bush, vassourinha, kalanchoe

jatoba, Brazilian peppertree, anamu, pau d'arco, clavillia, fedegoso

Molluscum contagiosum
sangre de grado, bitter melon, clavillia, mullaca, macela, vassourinha, jergon sacha, copaiba

Morning sickness

Mouth Ulcers
sangre de grado, guaco, Brazilian peppertree, pau d'arco, jatoba, clavillia, mutamba, copaiba (topical), fedegoso, anamu, bitter melon, mullaca, macela, jergon sacha, vassourinha, carqueja

Multiple Myeloma
graviola, mullaca, bitter melon, cat's claw, espinheira santa, guacatonga, vassourinha, mutamba, anamu, simarouba, amargo, suma

Multiple Sclerosis
jergon sacha, mullaca, macela, sangre de grado, tayuya, iporuru, manacá, pau d'arco, amor seco, mulungu, bitter melon, clavillia, vassourinha, gervâo

clavillia, velvet bean, jergon sacha, cat's claw, bitter melon, jergon sacha, macela, mullaca, vassourinha

Muscle Aches
scarlet bush (topical), copaiba (topical), amor seco, iporuru, cat's claw, tayuya, chuchuhuasi, kalanchoe, vassourinha, sarsaparilla, guaco, picão preto, gervâo, abuta

Muscle Cramps/Spasms
amor seco, abuta, vassourinha, manacá, iporuru, mulungu, embauba, passionflower, graviola, macela, kalanchoe, erva tostão, fedegoso, gervâo, quinine, mutamba, mullaca, velvet bean, amargo, scarlet bush

Nausea and Vomiting
jurubeba, artichoke, gervâo, guava, fedegoso, carqueja, kalanchoe, macela, mullaca, boldo

chanca piedra, erva tostão, cipó cabeludo, sarsaparilla, mutamba, mullaca, guava, artichoke, abuta, picão preto, jatoba, damiana, jaborandi

Nervousness see Anxiety

manacá, sangre de grado, passionflower, mulungu, iporuru, tayuya, pau d'arco, macela, guaco, catuaba, gervâo, muira puama, guaraná, chuchuhuasi, cipó cabeludo, gervâo, quinine, abuta, nettle

Neurologic Diseases (General)
mulungu, manacá, passionflower, velvet bean, damiana, muira puama, sarsaparilla, samambaia, sangre de grado, cat's claw, guaraná, catuaba, bitter melon

Neuromuscular Disorders
abuta, iporuru, tayuya, amor seco, passionflower, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, picão preto, sarsaparilla, guaco, gervâo

sangre de grado, chuchuhuasi, cat's claw, muira puama, annatto

chá de bugre, guaraná, picão preto, yerba mate, carqueja, jurubeba, stevia

cat's claw, tayuya, iporuru, chuchuhuasi, amor seco, picão preto, gervâo, sarsaparilla, guaco

anamu, vassourinha, mullaca, simarouba, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, amor seco, picão preto, gervâo, bitter melon, macela, cat's claw (also see Bacterial Infections)

Otitis Media see Ear Infections

boldo, jergon sacha, artichoke, samambaia, picão preto, mullaca, mutamba, anamu, chanca piedra, nettle, epazote

Parasites (skin)
amargo, andiroba, balsam, mutamba, mulateiro, juazeiro, kalanchoe, epazote, bitter melon, guaco

Parkinson's Disease
velvet bean, embauba, mulungu, passionflower, manacá, pau d'arco, suma

Peptic Ulcer
gervâo, carqueja, espinheira santa, guacatonga, cat's claw, bitter melon, epazote, jurubeba, picão preto, copaiba, sangre de grado, boldo

Pertussis see Whooping Cough

guaco, sangre de grado, picão preto, scarlet bush, avenca, guava, pau d'arco, amor seco, cat's claw, macela, balsam

Pinworms see Intestinal Parasites

Pityriasis Rosea see Dermatitis

guaco, avenca, samambaia, copaiba, nettle, anamu, sarsaparilla, epazote, jaborandi (Also see Bacterial and Viral Infections)

damiana, manacá, mulungu, muira puama, suma, sarsaparilla, suma, passionflower, guaraná

Pneumonia - bacterial (Streptococcus & Klebsiella pneumoniae)
embauba, mutamba, picão preto, kalanchoe, avenca, guava, pau d'arco, erva tostão, macela, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, mullaca, cat's claw, guaco, simarouba, gervâo, samambaia

Pneumonia - fungal (Pneumocystis carinii)
embauba, jatoba, pau d'arco, kalanchoe, anamu, fedegoso, picão preto, guava, Brazilian peppertree, mutamba, copaiba, sarsparilla, scarlet bush

Pneumonia - mycoplasmal (Mycoplasma pneumonia)
mullaca, macela, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, fedegoso, embauba

Pneumonoa - viral (several strains)
jergon sacha, vassourinha, mutamba, mullaca, anamu, macela, bitter melon, sangre de grado, pau d'arco, picão preto, embauba

Poison Ivy
sangre de grado (topical) andiroba (topical), gervâo, guaco, nettle, picão preto, pau d'arco

jatoba, nettle, cipó cabeludo, mutamba, pau d'arco, Brazilian peppertree, chanca piedra, curare, artichoke, cat's claw

samambaia, pau d'arco, fedegoso, sarsaparilla, cat's claw, suma, mullaca, boldo, bitter melon, cashew, jaborandi, andiroba (topical), copaiba (topical)

Respiratory Disorders (General)
embauba, guaco, kalanchoe, avenca, vassourinha, samambaia, amor seco, Brazilian peppertree, jatoba, balsam, anamu, pau d'arco, picão preto, gervâo, mutamba, guava, espinheira santa, sarsaparilla, nettle, epazote, jergon sacha, juazeiro

cat's claw, iporuru, chuchuhuasi, embauba, picão preto, tayuya, gervâo, vassourinha, mulungu, abuta, guaco, manacá, sarsaparilla, nettle, amor seco, samambaia, fedegoso, pau d'arco, scarlet bush, anamu, kalanchoe, suma, cipó cabeludo

Rheumatoid Arthritis see Autoimmune Disorders

Rhinitis see Allergies

jatoba, fedegoso, sangre de grado, copaiba, pau d'arco, anamu, balsam, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, epazote, bitter melon, chanca piedra, velvet bean

mullaca, samambaia, pau d'arco, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, suma, pata de vaca, boldo, fedegoso

Salivary Gland Disorders
jaborandi, espinheira santa, amargo, picão preto, Brazilian peppertree

Salmonella Infections
simarouba, guava, embauba, bitter melon, erva tostão, macela, picão preto, abuta, guaraná

samambaia, embauba, graviola (also see Autoimmune Disorders)

amargo, bitter melon, andiroba, balsam, mutamba, fedegoso, pau d'arco, guava, scarlet bush, jergon sacha, mulateiro, copaiba, kalanchoe, amor seco

sangre de grado, andiroba, copaiba, samambaia, sarsaparilla

pau d'arco, cipó cabeludo, macela, graviola (seeds), bitter melon, epazote, cashew, jatoba, guacatonga, pata de vaca, copaiba

tayuya, manacá, iporuru, mulungu, pau d'arco, quinine, kalanchoe, muira puama

Scleroderma see Autoimmune Disorders

picão preto, erva tostão, avenca, cat's claw, balsam

mullaca, anamu, clavillia, macela, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, amargo, sarsaparilla, samambaia, manacá, cashew, tayuya

copaiba, juazeiro, guaraná, mulateiro, sarsaparilla, andiroba, tayuya, samambaia, bitter melon

amor seco, mulungu, manacá, passionflower

Senility see Memory Disorders

Sepsis see Bacterial Infections

Sexual Dysfunction Female
clavo huasca, catuaba, abuta, damiana, suma, chuchuhuasi, velvet bean, maca, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, simarouba

Sexual Dysfunction Male
muira puama, catuaba, nettle, velvet bean, sarsaparilla, mutamba, iporuru, damiana, maca, amor seco, macela, cashew

Shingles See Herpes Zoster

Sickle Cell Anemia

amor seco, nettle, kalanchoe, gervâo, guaco, carqueja, jatoba, pau d'arco, picão preto, yerba mate, bitter melon, cat's claw, samambaia

Skin Rash see Dermatitis

Sleep Disorders
manacá, mulungu, kalanchoe, passionflower, vassourinha, graviola

Snake Bite
jergon sacha, guaco, guacatonga, picão preto, tayuya, velvet bean, annatto, amargo, curare

Sore Throat
guaco, guava, sangre de grado, vassourinha, copaiba, picão preto, scarlet bush, samambaia, carqueja, fedegoso, cashew, abuta, pau d'arco, andiroba, juazeiro, kalanchoe, epazote, balsam

Spastic Colon See Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Spleen Disorders
erva tostão, mulungu, carqueja, jurubeba, nettle, tayuya, avenca, artichoke, bitter melon, graviola, quinine

Sprains and Strains
tayuya, iporuru, embauba, manacá, abuta, amor seco, mulungu, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, vassourinha, kalanchoe, cipó cabeludo, pau d'arco, amargo, gervâo, sarsaparilla, scarlet bush (topical), copaiba (topical), macela (topical)

Staphylococcus Infections
mutamba, mullaca, anamu, macela, copaiba, erva tostão, bitter melon, guava, avenca, Brazilian peppertree, pau d'arco, kalanchoe, mulungu, annatto, chanca piedra

Stomach Ulcers see Helicobacter pylori Ulcers and Peptic Ulcers

Stretch Marks
andiroba (topical), copaiba (topical), sangre de grado (topical), brazil nut (oil)

Strep Throat
mutamba, mullaca, gervâo, copaiba, gervâo, bitter melon, pau d'arco, guaco, kalanchoe

manacá, catuaba, mulungu, passionflower, damiana, muira puama, kalanchoe

samambaia, cat's claw, gervâo, guaco

Sunstroke see Heat Stroke

mutamba, sarsaparilla, manacá, clavillia, pau d'arco, boldo, Brazilian peppertree, samambaia, copaiba, cashew, vassourinha, guaco, scarlet bush, gervâo, abuta, damiana, tayuya, guacatonga, nettles, chanca piedra, nescafe, pata de vaca, catuaba, jaborandi

Testicular inflammation
abuta, curare

fedegoso, guaco, copaiba, andiroba, passionflower, annatto, curare, anamu, clavillia (also see Bacterial Diseases)

Thrush see Candidia

Tick Bites See Insect Bites & Stings

mutamba, picão preto, mullaca, carqueja, cashew, copaiba, guaco, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, fedegoso, gervâo, sangre de grado, clavillia

guaco, anamu, epazote, simarouba, amargo, fedegoso

picão preto, anamu, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, amor seco, bitter melon, pau d'arco, sarsaparilla, kalanchoe, jatoba, manacá, copaiba, balsam, chanca piedra, velvet bean, acerola

Ulcerative Colitis
sangre de grado, cat's claw, macela, picão preto, boldo, sarsaparilla, fedegoso, guaco, pau d'arco, simarouba

Ulcers see Helicobacter pylori Ulcers and Peptic Ulcers

Urinary Tract Infections
chanca piedra, anamu, jatoba, nettle, boldo, cipó cabeludo, copaiba, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, epazote, curare, vassourinha, amor seco, espinheira santa, picão preto, abuta, annatto, pau d'arco

Urticaria see Hives

Uterine Diseases
abuta, amor seco, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, cipó cabeludo, clavillia, curare, fedegoso, guaco, jatoba, pau d'arco, sarsaparilla, picão preto

Uterine Fibroids
abuta, graviola, mutamba, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, simarouba, Brazilian peppertree

Vaginal Diseases (Infection, vaginitis, leucorrhea, etc)
jatoba, pau d'arco, anamu, amor seco, clavillia, abuta, curare, annatto, Brazilian peppertree, guava, fedegoso, sangre de grado, cashew, picão preto, bitter melon sarsaparilla

Varicose Veins
cat's claw, acerola, andiroba (topical), camu camu

gervâo, guaco, cat's claw

Viral Infections
jergon sacha, mullaca, sangre de grado, anamu, chanca piedra, macela, bitter melon, pau d'arco, vassourinha, mutamba, kalanchoe, amargo, clavillia, erva tostão, picão preto, simarouba, carqueja, catuaba, chá de bugre, iporuru, stevia, cat's claw, Brazilian peppertree

Vitiligo see Autoimmune Disorders

aveloz (topical), sangre de grado (topical), copaiba (topical), bitter melon, embauba, clavillia, mullaca, vassourinha, pau d'arco, macela, jergon sacha, Brazilian peppertree, chanca piedra, sarsaparilla

Whooping Cough
jergon sacha, embauba, samambaia, kalanchoe, avenca, mulungu, guaco, guava, passionflower, mulungu (also see Bacterial Infections)

Wounds see Cuts & Wounds

Yeast Infections see Candida

Yellow Fever
amargo, jergon sacha, simarouba, mullaca, mutamba, gervâo, anamu, vassourinha, chanca piedra, bitter melon, manacá, kalanchoe, scarlet bush, juazeiro

Women's Health (General)
abuta, catuaba, clavo huasca, chuchuhuasi, damiana, suma, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, erva tostão, cat's claw

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