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Dracontium loretense

This product is no longer sold by Raintree Nutrition, Inc. See the main product page for more information why. Try doing a google search or see the rainforest products page to find other companies selling rainforest herbal supplements or rainforest plants if you want to make this rainforest formula yourself.

Jergon sacha has become very popular in Peruvian herbal medicine where it is being used for many types of viruses and for snake bites.* For more complete information on this powerful plant of the rainforest, please see the Plant Database File on Jergon Sacha. More information can also be found in the new Antimicrobial Guide. To see pictures of jergon sacha growing in the Peruvian Amazon, click here. Check out the new Discussion Forums to see if anyone is talking about how they are using this natural rainforest remedy.

Traditional Uses:* for snakebite; for viral infections (HIV, hepatitis, whooping cough, influenza, parvovirus, and others); for upper respiratory problems (cough, bronchitis, asthma, etc.); for spider, bee, scorpion, and other venomous insect bites; as a topical wound healer

Suggested Use: Take 2 ml of a 1:4 concentrated extract 2 or more times daily.
Contraindications: Not to be used during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.
Drug Interactions: None known

Third-Party Published Research*

All available third-party research on jergon sacha can be found at PubMed. A partial listing of the published research on jergon sacha is shown below:

Antiviral Actions:
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Immunostimulant Actions:
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Antivenin Actions:
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Antibacterial Actions:
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